Mera Mayde's TV and film casting is young, mysterious, innocent, caring, intelligent and quirky.
Cast Mera Mayde as a princess or in a fantasy or period drama.
Mera Mayde is the perfect commerical casting for hair and beauty brands and natural and exotic products.

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An oddball in quirky, fully natural packaging, I’m proudly weird, decidedly intuitive, lovingly optimistic and apparently ‘highly intelligent’. I’ve never lived anywhere for more than three years, have spent more than three years at professional ballet boarding school, and exactly three years at the University of Oxford. I live much of my life like the novels I love to get lost in – impromptu solo trips halfway across the world; moving abroad by myself aged 18; and always happily working things out as I go, after simply diving in heart-first. Heeding the call of the ocean I’m currently headed to the City of Angels, where I will continue my passion for living stories that may have begun with my professional stage debut and first award for best actress in my tender teens while growing up in Germany.

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