Somewhere between Witch, Queen and Ocean girl, I’m a thriving award-winning British-German actress and alumna of the University of Oxford. I’ve worked internationally on stage and screen for two decades, collaborating with peers such as Cannes, BAFTA & Oscar winning directors and Platinum awarded singers.

I’ve spent most of my life getting lost and found in stories – between pages, on the screen and in the mysterious infinities of my mind. I also live much of my life as if straight out of a novel; with impromptu solo trips halfway across the world, a childhood on stages, in sailing races and triathlons, and a teenhood at professional ballet boarding school. I like to dance with life and dive in heart-first.

With several projects in early development, production and post-production, and this glorious industry always taking me for a whirl, I continue to be inspired and lit up by the connecting and transformational power of story, and love the weird marzipan smell of the soap all sets seem to have in common.

If you are an industry professional and would like to see recent audition tape (series regulars and recurrings), do connect!



© Mera Mayde