'She has a gorgeous voice you just can’t ignore!' - Lucinda Brant, bestselling & award-winning author

Old soul storyteller rolled up in youthful British-German Oxford smarts:

Brightness & clarity grounded in earthy & soothing calm with a touch of sexy & husky!
Ethereal, fantastical, mystical.

British Commercial Compilation (30s)

Home Studio Demo (Raw)

In-Show Narration (British)

Themepark Attraction Voice (German)

Video Game

IVR/Phone System (British & German)


German Historical Romance: Die Braut von Salt Hendon

German Dystopian YA Fiction: Machtspiel der Geschlechter - The Gender Game

German Non-Fiction: Self-Help

German Non-Fiction: Human Resources

English YA Fantasy: Trickery

English Self-Help Non-Fiction: Limiting Beliefs



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